The Girl Who Runs – Why can’t she just sit still?

The Girl Who Runs | LiveYourOwnAdventure.orgA girl who runs isn’t necessarily lacing up her shoes and hitting the pavement. She’s not to be confused with someone who runs away the hot second life gets tough.

I’m talking about a different kind of girl.

A girl who runs sees life as a series of fleeting moments and actively pursues them.

She values experiences and her desire to run is something she physically can’t ignore. She feels it deep inside her bones and she can’t sit still. It’s an unmistakable fervent urge to explore, discover, and pursue relentless freedom.

Some may see this as a fanciful notion or think the girl needs taming.

No. She¬†doesn’t need to be tamed.

A girl who runs needs her freedom in order to be fully herself.

She’s not content sitting on the sidelines. She’s not content waiting at home. You won’t find her watching life pass her by.

It’s not to say she’s one who is never content or one who never rests. She enjoys both of these things in season. But she runs when the moment calls to live and fully enjoy life for the great adventure it is.

She knows the uniqueness of a single moment in time. She knows what it’s like to stumble upon a view that takes her breath away. She’s well aware that serendipitous conversations with strangers only strike when she’s open and available.

A girl who runs is less fearful about making mistakes. She’s not afraid of trying and failing anymore. She’s more afraid of never trying and remaining the same person she was yesterday.

But again, don’t confuse a girl who runs with someone who avoids responsibility or promptly exits relationships when things get tough. She’s not that kind of runner.

She’s responsible, productive, and capable of paying her own bar tab. She simply recognizes her innate need for balance in her life.

So she runs. Not to run away from life, but to live it.

At her core is energy. Restless, bubbling energy which builds up steam and can only be released by running.

Don’t worry. Her restlessness and energy are nothing to be feared. She doesn’t fear it when it makes its familiar appearance. She’s seen this before and she simply knows it’s time. It’s time embrace freedom and enjoy a brief change in scenery.

It doesn’t always mean she’ll run far. She just needs wide open spaces and to remember what it’s like to feel the wind in her hair.

Don’t limit the girl who runs or keep her from running when she needs it. She’ll be back, and she’ll be better when she returns. Or, when the moment is right, she might even invite you to come along.

You see, she runs to live. To experience. To be fully present.

And when she’s done running, she’ll settle in refreshed and relaxed. At least for a little while.

Because a girl who runs will probably never stop. When she gets the urge pulsating in her heart and felt in the depth of her bones, she knows there’s juicy life to be lived.

To the girl who runs: keep running, keep experiencing, keep learning. Set aside time to roam, to explore, to listen, and to be present. Don’t silence this innate part of yourself or you’ll risk losing it. So go. Feel the wind in your hair, see the world, and come back refreshed.

Have you ever known this kind of girl?
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