The Evolution of an Adventurous Life

The Evolution of Adventure | LiveYourOwnAdventure.orgAdventure changes. It may have one definition this year and look totally different the next.

It changes because life changes. You enter or exit a relationship, move to a new state, take a new job, make babies, or commit to a goal of eating tacos every day for a year (Hey, I won’t judge).

A year ago I saw adventure as anything wild and crazy that got me out of a cubicle and outside living life.

I still view the outdoors as one giant playground waiting to be explored. But some of my other descriptions of adventure look a little different than they did last year.

When two different office jobs ended a year apart, I knew it was time to break free from the cubicle life (which wasn’t for me) and take a risk. I started pursuing freelance content writing which changed my life in many ways, but it also altered my current view of adventure.

My definition of adventure while employed at a corporate day job included “living for the weekends” (i.e. road trips, extended weekends, planning vacations around available vacation time, and hopping continents whenever an opportunity presented itself).

It was fun and just the break I needed from a 9-5 to enjoy life and keep myself sane.

Since I’m single (uh oh, confession time!), adventure¬†took the form of being available and jumping at opportunities. I went on last minute trips. I enjoyed traveling with friends or traveling solo. It’s easy to live a wild and free adventurous life when you can roam as you please.

But this year my view of adventure changed a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, at my core exists a desire to pursue an adventurous life at all costs and I hope my fiery spirit never goes away.

But taking a step back from a consistent salary and taking a risk at freelancing requires lots of hard work and dedication. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

I may or may not take lavish international trips this year, but I’m OK with that. Future freedom over my time and location is worth the hours and effort I spend sitting at my kitchen table growing my business.

I may not take as many weekend trips and rent as many Airbnb’s this year. That’s OK too because I’ve tightened my budget and I planned to stick to a minimal budget this year.

Adventure looks a little different. But in some ways, it’s even better.

You see, since I’m creating a location independent job, I can literally work from anywhere! I can work at home, a coffee shop, or I can take my computer on the road. I’ve spent a week here and there working from my Dad’s farm in Washington. This means I get more time with my family (which I love) and an opportunity to change up my surroundings.

Next month I’ll embark on a 27-hour train ride to an unnamed destination (you’ll have to follow along to find out later!). Yes, that’s 27 hours ONE WAY. It could be awesome, or it could be the death of me. I hope it falls somewhere in between.

But you see, I’ll have 27 hours each way of uninterrupted writing time. I hope it also means I’ll meet interesting people along the way and hear their stories (my favorite part), because those are the moments in life that hold the most value for me. And in the process, I’m creating my own unique adventures.

So adventure may look different for me this year. It will be cheaper and more affordable. It involves hustle, evolving, and accepting change. It’s worth the occasional long day at my kitchen table to enjoy freedom, flexibility, and knowing my work matters.

Adventure evolves as you live life. But if you keep pursuing it, it will keep finding you.

It’s kind of what living your own adventure is all about. Being OK with change and learning to embrace it.

On that note, adventure on my friends!

I’m curious, how has adventure changed for you over the years?

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