You might be wondering what this blog is all about and if it’s worth sticking around.

Totally normal. This is the place to start!

If I could combine the vision of this blog into a few main topics it would be:

Live your dreams. Go on adventures. Be the best version of yourself.

Why I Choose to Live My Own Adventure |

These are the things that keep me up at night dreaming and conspiring.

Or, let’s be honest, they jolt me out of bed at the crack of dawn thrilled for a new day (confession: I’m a morning person!).

I’m a big fan of taking life by the horns and chasing after your dreams, soaking in mountain views, getting up early for sunrise hikes, exploring new countries, and enjoying deep chats with friends or strangers.

Combine all of those with an extra heavy dose of fun and adventure and there you have it – the spice of life, baby!

I started this blog for three main reasons: to connect, to inspire, and to provide you with fresh ideas and options.


I love people. I really do.

I love asking questions, hearing your stories, talking about your passions, learning what makes you tick, and I’m not afraid of talking about the hard stuff either. It doesn’t phase me one bit.

Everyone has an interesting story worth sharing. On this blog, I’ll be sharing some of mine, but I hope to hear about yours too.

I’ve had more than one stranger who has changed my life.You can never underestimate the power of a kind stranger!


Our generation seeks more than just money, big houses, and material possessions.

We demand authenticity, social justice, purpose, and hope. We value relationships and experiences above working 70 hr weeks just to maintain our material possessions.

There’s so much to experience, learn, soak in, explore, navigate, teach, and fall in love with about life. I hope we continue to be a generation that chases after our dreams and live our lives with passion and generosity.

Our dreams are worth going after and I’ll remind you that you have what it takes to pursue them. I hope to encourage you to keep chasing your dreams, just as I do, and provide tips for the journey.

Fresh Ideas and Options

Need some ideas to shake things up and get back on track? Maybe you’re interested in pursuing outdoor hobbies but need a little push? Do you need help pinpointing your passions? Or maybe you’d like to get the heck out of dodge and explore this big, beautiful world?

I’ve got so many ideas for fun and adventure that I can’t keep up with them all. I might as well write them down and share them with you!

I hope you stick around because the fun is just getting started!

Let’s dare to live our dreams, and not just on the weekends.

Let’s make an unforgettable mark on this world and leave a wake of people around us encouraged and inspired.

Let’s improve the way business and the economy has been done for decades and be a generation of passionate people.

Let’s live this life like its one big adventure.

Join me? How will you #LiveYourOwnAdventure?



P.S. If you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a hidy-ho at Jen(at) 

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