How To Date An Adventurous Girl

How To Date An Adventurous Girl | LiveYourOwnAdventure.orgAhh, the mystical creature of the adventurous girl. She’s a hard one to pin down and even harder to keep track of.

One minute she’s here and the next she’s scaling rocks, shredding mountains, road tripping to far off destinations, or hopping on a flight to wherever the wind takes her.

She’d rather explore every nook and cranny of this great big world than sit at home watching life pass her by. She has dreams, goals, ambitions, and she’s excited about living life well.

Maybe you’ve landed a date with an adventurous girl and you’re wondering what to do next.

Or maybe you’ve heard of these mythical unicorn creatures galavanting all over the world, but you haven’t been able to cast your net far enough to catch her.

Is there a trick? How do you date a girl who thirsts for excitement and adventure? What do you do with a girl who isn’t content sitting at home painting her nails and watching Netflix?

If you’ve got your eye on an adventurous girl, or if you’re dating one and need a few pointers, there’s a few things you should know about her.

Drink Dates Bore Her To Tears

Grabbing a drink is the default first or second date option. It’s predictable and an easy way to meet in a public setting, especially if you’ve never met in person before.

She understands and she’ll probably accept the invite if asked. But if she’s honest, she’s been on plenty of drink dates and though she appreciates the offer, she’s bored to tears by them.

She’s not a fan of typical or predictable remember? She craves fun, mystery, and intrigue so sitting inside a dimly lit room with a beer answering the same old questions just isn’t her vibe.

If you really want to gain this girl’s attention, take a different approach. She’d much rather be active and do something fun with you, so if you want to leave an impression…

Plan A Date Worth Remembering

Take her on a date that’s fun and different. It doesn’t have to cost an entire day’s wage either. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild and create an experience you’ll both never forget.

Ask her to join you on a scavenger hunt around your city, take her to a live show or sports event, surprise her with a champagne hike, or share a bottle of wine in the back of an orange 1970’s van before retreating into a restaurant for a steak dinner (true story). When you create an experience she’ll never forget, she’ll talk about your date for years.

It doesn’t take much to stand out amongst the other guys by coming up with great date ideas. Seriously. If you’re really into her, spice things up and surprise her with a fun, unforgettable date.

She’s Active and Would Rather Be Outside

You won’t find an adventurous girl on the couch watching Netflix when the sun is out or the night is young. She’ll sacrifice rest for a sunrise hike or sunset with a view any day. A Friday night is better spent under the stars, around a campfire, or jumping in a lake. Netflix can wait, there’s life to be lived outside.

Keep Her On Her Toes

There are times in life when predictable is a good thing, but predictable all the time is boring. The guy who can keep up or beat her at her own game may win her heart. She likes a guy who isn’t afraid to be spontaneous, a guy who can surprise her and peak her interest.

Dream up a new adventure to share and keep her on her toes by being fun and spontaneous. It’s an attractive quality she can’t ignore.

Believe In Her

She’s passionate about life, has ambitions, is full of fresh ideas, and lives her life a little different than most. She needs someone who understands her adventurous spirit and supports it. Believe in her and encourage her to keep pursuing her dreams. She’ll offer the same encouragement and support to you.

Buckle Up, You’re In For A Wild Ride

She’s fun, she’s creative, she loves new experiences and feeling the wind in her hair. Buckle up because the fun is just beginning. She wants to play, explore, create, discover, and if you gain her attention, she’ll want to do these things with you. Be up for joining her adventures and creating a few new ones of your own. The possibilities for fun and good times are endless!

So, how do you date an adventurous girl? You join her. An adventurous girl isn’t a unicorn to be tamed. She’s someone who loves freedom, fun, and creating a great life story. Be a little adventurous and creative yourself. She’ll be sure to take notice.

Any other tips you’d add on dating adventurous girls?

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