33 Ways To Impress Your Date With Adventurous Date Ideas

33 Adventurous Date Ideas | LiveYourOwnAdventure.orgDating can be an adventure in itself. Mutual attraction meets chemistry combined with playfulness and fun is a recipe for good times!

If you’re dating an adventurous girl, or if you’re bored with regular dating (i.e. drink dates) and you’re ready for some REAL fun, here are 33 adventurous date ideas for fun, active people – single or married – to get out and play together.

  1. Discover your city with a scavenger hunt – Pay for a pre-made scavenger hunt online so you’re both surprised. You’ll have fun figuring out the clues as they take you all around your city!

  2. Create an experience over a champagne hike – This is bound to create a fun story. Keep it short and drink plenty of water afterward. Or heck, just go get brunch and continue the fun 😉

  3. Ride bikes together – Take it easy and explore on cruisers or go big and knock out 50 miles.

  4. Go horseback riding – What is it about riding horses that is so romantic? Just do it. This is a fun one.

  5. Spend a day on a hiking adventure – Create a day adventure by heading out on a longer hike (sans champagne). Grab dinner afterward and catch the sunset if you’re feeling wild and crazy.

  6. Explore local music events – Treat your date to their favorite artist/band or introduce them someone new.

  7. Take a road trip – Beach, mountains, scenic location – anywhere! You learn a lot about a person on a road trip.

  8. Sneak into a pool or hot tub – Be a little daring and practice your sneaky skills together.

  9. Spelunking (aka exploring caves!) – What’s in a cave? I dunno. Guess you guys better go find out!

  10. Hit the river on kayaks or canoes – Hit the water and paddle your way around. It’s a great way to exercise and chat at the same time.

  11. Pretend you’re tourists – “Excuse me, but we’re new here…” Live it up and hit up the popular tourist spots. Enjoy people watching while you’re at it.

  12. Look up underground tours (Portland and Seattle has them!) – Crazy things go on underground…time to go explore and find out.

  13. Go old-school with a drive-in movie – Movie? Outside?! Way better than a movie inside. Grab a truck (preferable) or a flat-bed truck and strap your living room couch on the back (true story, best night ever)

  14. Tour local breweries – Tour by foot, by bike, or by unicycle, but enjoy a couple local brews around town!

  15. Shoot guns – How good is their aim? You’re about to find out at a shooting range.

  16. People watch in the city – You may not want this to be the basis for your date, but include it with other activities. It helps create new interesting questions to ask your date about their preferences or thoughts.

  17. Play on the mountain (snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding) – Play outside in the winter by hitting the mountain for snowshoeing or shredding.

  18. Float the river – Inner-tubes, check. Sunscreen, check. Cooler filled with 6-packs of bee… er, soda, check check!

  19. Climb rocks and boulders – Start with an indoor gym and take it outside when you’re ready!

  20. Practice your swing at the driving range – Practice your skills or teach your date how to swing a club by hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range.

  21. Plan a 3-course dinner – at different locations – Create an evening of mystery by enjoying appetizers, a main course, and dessert at three different locations.

  22. Enjoy a rooftop picnic and/or movie – Borrow a friend’s rooftop access or use your own and create an evening under the stars to remember.

  23. Catch a sunset on a hill with a view – Bring a blanket, wine, and cheese if you’re feeling fancy.

  24. Jump from an airplane – Feel like bonding? Nothing like skydiving to bring two people together!

  25. Surf or paddle board your way around the water – Hit the beach for a day of surfing or a lake or river for paddle boarding. If they can keep up or at least have fun, they’re a keeper!

  26. Bring out your inner cowboy and cowgirl – Put on your boots and get your country on at a rip-roarin’ rodeo!

  27. Catch your own dinner – Fly fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing – it doesn’t matter. Catch dinner to prepare together over an open fire.

  28. Mountain Biking – Start easy or test your endurance by hitting dirt trails on your bikes.

  29. Converse around a campfire – Create a fire pit in your backyard, on the beach, at a campsite, or on a far off hill with a view. Bring a smores kit for fun evening treats.

  30. Go to a live sports event – Why not sit side by side at a soccer match or baseball game toasting with beer and yelling at the refs? Nothing says bonding and romance like live sports! (Ok, for some)

  31. Find a legit arcade and/or go-carts – Enjoy a little friendly competition and playfulness by bringing out your inner child with arcade games or racing around a race track.

  32. Surprise your date with your favorite tacos – You know where the good tacos are hiding. Tell your date you’re taking them out and surprise them with the best tacos of their life! They may propose marriage right then and there.

  33. Do something you both have never done before – Nothing like trying something new together. New experiences are the best when shared!

BONUS DATE (for you crazy northwesterners):

Sasquatch Hunting! – Can’t find Sasquatch? Hmm, darn. Well, you might as well be resourceful…make out in the woods instead!

Dating is a great way to create memories together by sharing fun experiences. And it doesn’t stop when you get married! Be spontaneous and come up with a few ideas of your own (eating ice cream while getting caught in a rainstorm perhaps?). You’ll get to know new things about your partner and you’ll both have a ton of fun in the process!

Alright, I want to hear about your favorite dates…what’s the best date you’ve ever had?

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